Friday, March 6, 2009

New Equipment

I am trying to bury the previous post. (It is LONG... the summary is that Sophia had two seizures in December, but is on seizure medication now and is doing okay so far... Now you don't need to read it!)

Never mind about the previous post... how frustrating.... I was about to post it, but I highlighted the text to try to change the font, and -- poof -- it disappeared. I am discouraged because it took hours and lots of energy to write. Anyway, here's this one (I'd better post it before its text disappears too):

Sophia has some new equipment. The first is a new gait trainer / walker. She wasn't quite ready for it, but our insurance would pay 100% of it last year, and we received it Dec. 31, so it was fully funded by insurance! Hooray! The following photo is from January 1st. She couldn't hold herself up at all. I wondered whether she would ever be able to use this thing.

In early February, she received foot orthotics (braces that support her feet and lower legs). I need to take a picture of them. We had to pay nearly $300 for them, and insurance covered the remainder (no more 100%). She wears huge shoes that make her tiny, unused feet look big, but the orthotics make her much sturdier. The following photos are from February 18th. She can't propel the gait trainer herself and her feet cross over each other when she steps, but look! She can support herself (with the gait trainer's supports and the orthotics helping) with her arms and legs!! Now I think that she may someday actually be able to get around in this thing! (Though her therapist thinks that a wheelchair will be her primary mode of transportation.)

We're also borrowing a different, more supportive stander from Early Intervention. I was disappointed to go from the less-supportive stander to the more-supportive one, but it is a nice piece of equipment and is what she needs. She loves to bite the bin that comes out of the tray.

All done!

I'll try to do birthday posts soon -- April and Sophia turn 2 on Sunday!!


kg said...

Yay Sophia! She looks so cute in that balck shirt and leggings. Happy birthday girls! What fun family get together will you do?

Ditto Family said...

That must have been so frustrating for you to lose your hard written post. Did you check and see if perhaps it put it in the edit posts "draft" area?

Chloe and Alysee have that same cute shirt that Sophia is wearing. What a great accomplishment for Sophia! I know that speaks lots for all the time that mom, dad,the therapist, AND Sophia have put toward this equipment.

I'll be looking forward to your birthday post.

Becky said...

I can't believe they are already two. time really passes to quickly. I am amazed at all the technology they have! I am sure you are learning so much everyday! Love to read about your family!

jamaikinho said...

too bad about the other post. congratulations to you and sophia! yay! :) she's so cute. i can still picture her saying "manda" and "mike-a" at christmas-time.

Satina said...

Your daughters are ALL so adorable and I love keeping tabs on your family this way. Thank you for inviting us into your world. And "YAH!" Let's celebrate the milestones, bigly or littley, size doesn't matter at all. (A quote from one of my favorite children's books, I use quite often. LOL!)

Lisa said...

They are precious!!! Sophia is doing so well, you must be so proud!